Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lost and Found

I'm nothing special.I'm just a common girl with common mind.

I've done something wrong.A very huge mistake.That is over self-confidence. I always do something which will let me feel extremely regret after doing it. This is  my weakness. And my stupidity is going to ruin my relationship. Stupidity continues to ruin my life. It has been one year and half. For me,too short, it's not enough. I want it counts in decade. But now, it is going to crash by my stupidity. I don't want to give up the precious thing. Precious thing should not be the history. It must be the present and not the past.

Frankly,I tried to cover. But in the end,this hole is getting bigger and bigger. I tried to sew it. I tried to save it. I tried and tried. Moreover,I always trust myself a lot that I have the ability to save it. Well,I'm wrong. Very wrong.

I'm total bitch now. As he said.

I never wanted to do cheating thing. NEVER! He lost the confident towards me. He dissapoitned with me. Maybe he is no longer to trust me anymore. I'm failure. I lose. I lose to my self-confidence. I'm upset that from now on he can't believe me. He doesn't want to know about my thing. This freedom I don't want. It's totally scary.

I don't want to say farewell. It's too early for me. But I made it earlier. I do sin but I'm not bitch.

Broken heart. It means that we have to try or do for something.

I will fight and strike for it. I will do anything to let him smile to me again.

I believe in miracles.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dead and Fossil.

I'm still alive.My body still can functioning.But my spirit feels so dead now.T________T

My holiday is utterly bored.Everyday hit the keyboard,press the remote control and my thumbs type message busily.This is my daily routine.See,my life is so bored.My closest friend is computer.

I want gather with my friends.I wonder why is it so difficult.This one busy that one can not make it. It's extremely sad.I really miss you all so much. Do you know that? I guess I lost my young spirit already.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Chapter Grief.

Last few days,a very unwelcome guest have been visited to my house.But,I supposed I'm the only person who don't like that person.She is the person who love to gossip so much.She has been talking about the topic which without nutrient and useless.Yes.It is bullshit and crap.Flaunt,gossip,flaunt and gossip seem like a daily routine for her.That is your business.Leave away from me okay? As far as you can.

Obviously,she did do something which has relation with me.I'm so angry and sad.Until now,I still couldn't erase it from my memory.It's so hurt.I know you are rich.Very very rich.But can you just go to spend your money as many as you can and don't gossip others? If I were you,I would go shopping everyday and buy buy and buy.You have a lot of money but in the same time,you have a lot of hideous and scary mouths.You know I really hate you so much?I have been respect you,but now,there is no point to let me show some respect to you.Because you never show any respect to any person.Am I right?

I know your own thing is the best.You have been proud for your thing.Enough.I know you have been teasing my love.Look down to it.Think that it is just gewgaw.Despise it.

I could tell you she's just being busybody,though.Inside,she's really contented.Naturally,I blame her.If she wanted to show off,I don't care.But,now,you have been stepped my tail.And,I very angry.

Injection.Such a ear-piercing word.You kept repeat and repeat.What wrong's with you and this thing?Does it offended to you before?And does that boy step your tail before?No,right?Perhaps you think that you are showing your 'concern' to me and try to advice me to leave him away.All of that is b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t.None of your business.Shut up!

By the way,that is not the way to show 'concern'.It's busybody.

I don't think you did that is just for my sake.You're trying to make me in trouble

"Oh.That boy ar.Isn't he is her ex?"Such a ironic sound. This sentence always as if slap my face hundred times.Pain and shame.No answer to reply.Angry but the only thing can do is keep quiet.I hate my coward.I hate myself couldn't protect him.I hate myself that let others to look down.I really hate myself so much.But I never ever regret to love him.

"Haiyo,next time ar,you go university,there is a mountain of the  handsome and awesome guys ar.All much better than him ar." See,again.What a crap.Why so busybody?Damn.I can't stand for it.

As she was showing 'concern',giving the 'advice' and busybody,inside my heart,bleeding and hurt,Really really hurt.Tears blurred my eyes
Can't deny that I love him,so what?

The truth is I never regret to love him,so what?

I appreciate and treasure my relationship with him.Very much.And it's definitely out of your imagination.

I want protect him from any harm.

I will love him even though I know you're sneering him or me.I don't care.

What I care is,withdraw my life,don't gossip me or him at my behind.I don't want see your big mouth anymore.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Babe!

Yo! Babe!Surprise right? Today you are our boss XD But it seems like you are boss everyday.Haha.
                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
Hey,skinny chick! Rock 17!
Today is your birthday! Let's rock and roll tonight!
I really love you very much!
Happy 10th anniversary!
Thank you for always accompany me <3
I still want to celebrate 20,30,40th anniversary!
Anyway,you know you love me =)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy =)

Wow,wow,wow,wow,wow,wow,wow.This is only the most suitable word to describe my mood right now.Ya.Goodbye for those bloody paper~The death of the examination is nearing the corner.Whoohoo~Chemistry and additional mathematics were freaking difficult.But for those clever students,those science subjects are not a big deal for them.Macam kacang putih saja.Well,what I only can say is I have not do any preparation for my SPM.I felt so shameful and sinful during the exam weeks.I've been console myself that the examination is still far.It's a big and harmful lie.I want to slap myself and tell myself that must study.But,I have a lazy spirit in my body and hard to get rid of it.

Just left few months,I will say goodbye and wave my hand to the school uniform,canteen food,classmates,teachers and the rules of school.So,study hard and pay attention when the teacher is teaching.(I swear I won't do it.I mean pay attention during the class XP)

Well,enough for that.I'm looking forward to my short holiday.I could see the bbq and steamboat are getting nearer!I can't wait anymore! My mouth is can't wait to eat you and my intestine is can't wait to digest you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kick your ass,Exam!

Yup,kick your ass!
No post recently.And it's Exam week now.
Have a lot of things have to enter my brain.

I wish that the exam could pass quickly.
I can't wait for hanging out!
Don't why, I feel so shameful and sinful after saying this.FML
Whatever.As long as can faster leave away from the misery exam week.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Short hair now!

Well,actually it's not short hair. It's only middle hair length. You know what? I really like my new hairstyle so much. But sometimes it is quite annoying. So what? I like it. 

See it? I was so satisfied with it! The person who stood beside me is Kiwee. Well,I don't why. She scared me a lot coz she said 'Jie Rou is very scary,I afraid of her.'
Do you think so?

C'mon Rocker Style! I looked plump in this photo T.T Whose hand is this?

If I never set my hair,I look like him.
Severus Snape.


 Sorry for not blogging recently. I got no inspiration for this!

The trial examination is nearing the corner,but I'm still being lazy to do revision. OMG! I hate myself so much. One millions pages are waiting for me. When I opened book,feels like very bored. When playing computer, feels like so guilty for not do my revision. I have to help myself. Nobody else could help me.
I hope that trial can faster over! Coz I have bbq at Zoe's house soon! XD

P/S: Wish me can get the good result in my trial.* Finger crossed* Study right now!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I extremely love this picture so much! Imma repeat and repeat to look at this picture

Every guy looked smart + cool + handsome. Usually they look so normal but suddenly all of them turn over a new person! Wow. It's really amazing. They should wear suits everyday.  Some of them looked like body guard. == But quite handsome also. Although the introduction of outgoing B.O.D was not very nice, but who cares? The guys were so handsome that day! I could hear a lot of ' Wah' from many places. See, they were really looked nice in suits. Good job,everyone =)

Honey, you looked awesome that day =)

Shawty Bom Bom ❤

Hey,babes, I really had a lot of fun ! Thanks for giving me such a wonderful and fantastic memory! But, I still want to complaint! Coz I didn't go to this restaurant!

I want to go!!!

         You ! I want to be your friend forever !

Friday, July 16, 2010


Congratulations! I'm safe from PLKN! You know I'm extremely excited and happy right now! I can enjoy my holiday after SPM! WooHOO~ Nice right? I think the words could not express my feelings. It's just like get the World Cup! Like I'm the one who help Malaysia get the champion! ( Of course I know that is definitely impossible)

But I still feel lil bit sad =( Coz my bf and gfs kena. Willie and Doreen have to go for one week. Shea Dee is most excited person when she received the message. She is the first and the only person who utterly happy when she saw : " Tahniah xxxxxx terpilih blah blah blah." She's just hold her phone and say yes yes yes at the tuition== weird. She still asking congratulations from others. Never mind. I will miss her a lot XD I hope ArtisteGaara Cher kena also. If she kena,I truly believe that she will say a lot of ' SHIT' at there. Besides that, my friends who did not safe from it are definitely sad.

I do not dare to sms to the PLKN coz I really scared to receive the Tahniah message. After that,Shea Dee helped me sent to them. Once her phone vibrate, I was so nervous ! I was so panic during the moment of waiting the message. My hands were getting colder and colder. But it's over~ It's just scary for me. == I used Willie's phone sent again. Coz he said that all of his friend escaped from PLKN coz using his phone sent to them. So I just tried lar. How come it can be magical! I also safe from PLKN too! Fantastic !

Now, I just want to tell the whole world:

          I AM SAFE FROM PLKN!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please respect every person

I do not understand. Is it hard for you to respect others? Perhaps you do not have any morality or it is your characteristic. But I don't wish to know about it. By the way, that's your problem not my problem right? The problem is you have been offended others. You did let a lot of people felt so angry for you. Is it good for you? Do you know that you did hurt many people? NO! You NEVER know for it.

The reasons that I wish to write were not against you or pointing my finger on your face. I just want to express my frustration . As a people,definitely I got feelings right? Being humiliate by others, of course I felt sad. I have been humiliating in front of many people. I felt so shame. I don't even dare to look up. I don't dare to face others. I scared they would despise me or laugh me. My tears nearly to flow out. I tried to control it because I don't want let you look down on me. Even though I'm younger than you , but I also need respect because I'm human. I deserve to get respect from every person. I deserve to GET IT. We deserve to GET IT too.I couldn't figure out why you did so. Maybe you're in a bad mood or maybe you're suffer from menopause. But it's just maybe. May I ask you,what was the reasons to make you so extreme to do everything? Do you know that re-do have to take a lot of time?

Yup.I really did feel frustrated. Yup. I really don't like you. But I do try to like you and it's absolutely hard for me and us. What have you done then what should you to deserve. So obviously this is the result - Everyone thinks that you very emotional and lot bad comments. Why? Why did you change so much?

Human should get respect from others. No matter you're baby,child,teenagers,adults or old folks. As long as you're human,you deserve to get respect.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Hairstyle ❤

Goodbye long hair~ Yeah~ I have been changed my hairstyle !It's nice and suitable for me. I think medium hair length is more suitable for me.  It's make my face look fresher than before. Long hair makes my face looks like tired. Seriously, I am satisfied with my hair now. When I am thinking about it, it is a good feeling in my heart. And, I always look at the mirror with a contented face =.= See, I it so much! My hair is lighter now and easily to dry up. Besides that, I could curl it to inside so it's looking like mushroom head! I'm extremely love mushroom head. It's cute ad nice. I want my son has a mushroom head in the future XD Trust me,little boy will look nice if he has a cute mushroom head. Of course,husband is man and man will look weird with having mushroom head. By the way, I feel like want to cut my hair again and make it shorter :)

Nah, this is my ideal hairstyle 

Saturday, June 26, 2010


He is handsome right? I admire him so much! He is an Argentinian.
I'm falling in  ♥ with him! I couldn't get him out of my mind. My browser's layout is all about his photo! ( But my computer's background is C.Ronaldo with Kaka == ) My Facebook's profile picture is also Lionel Messi! Ah! I'm so crazy for him.He is awesome!!!

Support Argentina and no. 10!  But please do not love him! He is mine!

They Deserve To Die

Yup.Obviously I'm angry of something now.

They are not human at all.They are animal.But the animal is kinder than them many more.Especially XXX,he is a real money face.He deserves to the hell.Heaven will not welcome him.Angel will not sing for him.Nobody will pray for him.Never.He deserves it.Cold blooded insect.F**K YOU!

I really hate you very much.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


It' extremely shock now.Right now.The truth has not sunk in.It's just too sudden.There was a very happy family.Just few minutes,the death god snatched the happy from them.Why?They were good person,ain't it? It's not the time yet!

She had been taught me English since I was primary six.Five years,is it short or long? Trial examination is nearing the corner. My English's standard still hasn't reach level 'A'. Okay. my English is definitely bad. You know I know.

Last Monday,she was lively.She is a lively and responsible teacher.And the notes she given,you never able to find at the book's store.Serious.It's very unfair.

Teacher,Jemima and youngest brother,be strong and brave!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I always wondered who would cry if I died.Yup.I'm extremely emo right now.I feel so dissapointed now.Nobody would understand.Perhaps they think I'm being idiot again.Nope.I'm normal.Just emo-ing now.My eyes was telling me that it's useless and worthless thing.Why? I don't want let the thing be going like that.I hate it okay.You have been said you appreciate. Do you? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Maybe maybe.

I'm just a rubbish for you now.A worthless person in your life.An unfamiliar pedestrian. Don't think that you're the one who should be pity by others. No. You are much better than many people. I mean at least you're never be a rubbish in others' eyes. Perhaps I never being a rubbish inside your heart. But I'm a worthless person for you, ain't it? I'm so frustrated what you've done. Don't be a robot which just follow my instruction. Please. I knew you were tired. Me too okay?

Remember.You do have the qualifications to do every human being's things. But you are human too.Please think before you take the action. YOU - ARE - MUCH- BETTER- THAN- OTHERS.
(Including me.)

Friday, June 4, 2010


Today,4.6.2010. I will never forget.
I hate today so much.
I was extremely unlucky.*sigh*

Please give me a second chance.
I swear I will be a good girl.
I will do it as I promised.
Believe me.Serious.
This is the last year at secondary school.
I will appreciate every single thing.

And,I'm sorry,my friend.
You know.Today,I was extremely sad.
So I just followed her.
And TOTALLY forgot to inform you.
I'm really so sorry.
I felt so guilty and don't how to face you.

                      I'M SORRY =(

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Long time no see =)

Hey,guys.It's truly been a LONG LONG time since I posted something on the blog.Sorry,bloggie.I have been busy with Facebook.Moreover,I have nothing to say.==

Well,in the meantime,I'm enjoying of facebooking and web-browsing even though it is mid-year examination now.This afternoon,I found a lot of mini doll house's picture.Yup.I'm going to do something to somebody.Hiak hiak hiak.At the same time,I had a strong desire to update my rusty bloggie.== Hence,I changed the new header and description =) This header is edited by me ^^ But the picture of course search via internet :D

I'm thinking for write something on the blog.I'm trying to think but my mind is totally blank ==

During these exam weeks,I'm extremely addicted to Nescafe.I need it everyday =) I tried to pull up myself from it but obviously I did failed.It makes me so crazy.Roti Canai,I'm so sorry.I love Nescafe more than you =(

Okay okay.Enough with it.

I'm very sad now =(

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy 1st anniversary =)

1.3 is the one of the most significant day for me in my life.
This is because 1.3 was the day I fell into love.
And,the person is Mr.Koh ^^ V
Haha.I never thought that my first spring is Mr.Koh.

Okay,it's really amazing.
I admit,I hate Mr.Koh as much as I hate the frog =.=
It was happened when  I was form 3.
Our gang included Jie Rou, Doreen,Shea Dee,En Zuo, Siew Ting(extremely hate him) were the members of "Anti Willie Koh club 2008"' =.=
After one year ,the cupid was playing me.
Because  I was the president of "Anti Willie Koh Club 2008"
It let me changed all the feelings toward Mr.Koh.
From loathe to love......
Now I'm thinking back of it.
I laugh for my childish.
At first,we still very cold and less communicate with each other.
I know that time you love me not as much as I love you. I can felt it.
I still remember Doreen did not want to listen anything about us that time.
And,the thing I have to tell you is..
I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
Honey,still remember the day of we first time dating?
We were so shy.

I very shy to give you my right hand.=.=
Now,......Haha..You know I know la.
And,your birthday is more important than my life.
Because that is the day you came to the world.
So,your birthday is extremely important for me.
Honey,I very touched you came to Singapore to find me.

Honey,one year lo.
We are having so many special memory.
Honey,I really love you very very much..
I can't live without you.
You're water and I'm flower.
How could be happen if flower without water?

Honey,one year lo.
We must hold each other hand and walk through all of the difficulties o.

There is a very long journey for us.

Honey,don't feel bad about I together with but you got sickness.
It really doesn't mind.
Don't say you pull me along to the sea.
Honey,we're in the boat now.

I swear I will accompany you.
When you happy or sad.
Never leave you away.
My heart belong to Willie Koh
I may not saying this everyday to you
But I want to THANK YOU for all that you do!
You're my sunshine in my life.

I love you baby~
I'll never give up you!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I love Patrick!

Hehe. I love Patrick so much!
And thanks to Doreen bought it for me! ^^

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Visiting :)))

Finally,I have the free time to touch my computer.^^
I was busy visiting last two day.
Start from 11.30 a.m and end at 2.00 a.m  =.=

I'm the tallest !
(Took at xue man's house)

Ah Lock's house ^^
I like that ceiling lamp very much!

Next stop: En zuo's house

I love Cadbury!

Show girl...

I love san jian ke!

The busybody girl

Three fattie

Shea dee,am I clever? :)

I was looked so plump T.T

What did Doreen doing? =.=
I forced one of them took this photo ^^ V

The last stop: Zoe's house

Zoe's hair always neat even she's at her house
Good student

Mahjong's time~

Zoe is my pro mahjong teacher

Haha XD

I forced Doreen took for me~

See. You don't trust me.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy New Year n Happy Valentine's Day :)

Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's to all my dear friends!:)

Actually,I don't wish to celabrate the Chinese New Year.
because the valentine's day and new year fall on the same day.haiz.
so boring man.:(
My valentine's day present haven ready yet.haiz.
teruk sial.
I want go out dating with Mr.Koh!

Lastly,my whole family knew that I've got a boyfriend!:)
grandmother,uncles,aunties,parents and cousins.
But,fortunately they did not say anything.haha.

Anyway,Happy New Year n Happy Valentine's!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Without you,there'd be no sun in my sky ♥
For you see,each day I love you more.
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
I ♥ you because I need you
I need you because Iyou

I will hold your hands,
Accompany you always
Accompany you when you're sad
I will hold your hands,
when you fall down
I will hold your hands Always~ :)

Honey,I love you so muchhhh~ :)

P/S: Erm..don't always ask me go marry with doreen and bla bla bla liao hor..
I very angry hor~

Monday, February 1, 2010

My best friend in the whole world! :))))


Thank you, my dear ^^
You’re my best friend in the whole world.

Sometimes, I let you feel so angry.
Sometimes, I let you laugh like a siao zha bo.
Sometimes, you don’t wan layan me..T.T (let me talking at there just like a big idiot .HMPH!)
Sometimes, your mood very bad and face busuk busuk.
Sometimes, we sing together.

Everyday, we play like idiot.
Everyday, we hug for everything happened.
Everyday, we sampat like lao zha bo.
Everyday, I copy your homework because I can’t see the blackboard. ( ni shi wo de yan ^^)
Everyday, I draw your textbook.
Everyday, we do many crazy things together.haha..

I felt so touched when I heard you bought me rmXX valentine present.
I felt so touched when you do so many things for me.

You really are my best friend! ^^

Hey! Tell you a secret..
Sometimes, don’t be so xiao qi la.
Miss mango..^^

If you next time angry because I say you look like mango,
Then you can say I look like durian what..

Anyway, thank you and I love you bitch!!!

"A friend is like an oreo,

its not always that great,

but it always gets better!"

~ Erin Westbrook

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I couldn’t understand what’s the hell of the reason that causes they being so childish.
Pengsan la.tak boleh pakai juga.
As an outsider, I felt so shame when I heard about that!
How shameless and childish are they!
Do all of you think that you all will receive the enthusiastic ovation from others in the end?
The answer is obvious, HELL NO!
What you all will get in the end is the saliva of despise!
And you all will be the big loser in the end of this game!
I look down at all of you!
Stop wasting you time and try to do the foolish and silly things again.

Attention to the hordes of bastard! Look at here!
She is the apple of her parents and siblings too!
If the others criticize you like the way you all criticize her, may I ask you, what do your parents feel?
What is the base on you all treating her like this?
What the trash!
Please stop it ok?
And who those are don’t know what is the situation going on now, STOP simply criticizing her!
What the bitches and bastards!

And you! What a wimp!
Do you know how to protect your girlfriend when she attacked by others?
I really look down on you!
How you being a boyfriend like this?! WTF
Where are you RIGHT NOW?
You still can keep quiet at this moment? WTF
You still can sit at there and watch the war between them quietly at this moment?

Come on, are you a guy?



There is nothing wrong with her ok?

Bastards please
You all better wake up from that stupid weak ass shit dream!

Monday, January 25, 2010


This is a great love letter i ever seen!
I swear it's very funny!
I laugh like crazy when read it. XD

Dear wang litte sister: 親愛的王小姐

From see you one eye, I shit love you. 自從看到你的第一眼 , 我便愛上你。

Your eyes close, I die; your eyes open, I come back to live.

Your eyes close and open again and again,I die again and again.

妳的眼睛閉上,我就死了,你的眼睛打開,我又活過來,妳的眼睛貶啊貶 , 我就死去活來 ?

Maybe you do not remember me, no matter.

When you carefully look at me, you will one see clock.

也許你不記得我 , 沒有關係 , 當你仔細看著我,你就會一見鍾情

I think l should introduce myself to you.


I call Li big great. Toyear 25

我叫李大偉 , 今年 25 ( 今天是 today, 那麼今年就是 toyear. 至於偉就翻成 great 吧! )

My home have four mouth people-papa, mama, I and DD.

我家有四口人 .. 爸爸、媽媽、我和弟弟。

I am a good man, in a big company work.


I do early [词语过滤-#1] every day, so that I can have strong body to protect you..


Please come to eat and sleep with me, or I will cut my hair to be a monk,

and find a place where many monks live in to over my life;

請嫁給我吧 , 否則我將削髮為僧 , 找個廟來了此一生。

( 實在想不起「嫁」字怎麼翻譯,好在頭腦靈光 , 嫁過來不就是和我吃住在一起。至於「廟」字 , 也不會翻譯,不過很多和尚住在一起的地方,就是廟。 )

Like Your people


Thursday, January 7, 2010




Sunday, January 3, 2010


Tomorrow is the day of open school.
I've to wake up early morning everyday.T___T
So tired man.
I'm going to change uniform.hohoho~
It's only for librarian.
And this new uniform same like the uniform of SJK(C) Chung Hwa Presbyterian.
But it's only for prefect.
And the most annoying thing is:we've to change school shoes.
I do not want!
This is because of my old school shoes have been accompanying me for 4 years.
I had never change it.
I do not want to wear black shoes.T___T
But,I want to wear new uniform!

Start from tomorrow,I'm a Form 5 student.
Start from tomorrow,I will reduce the time of play computer.
Start from tomorrow,I couldn't have long nails again.
Start from tomorrow,I will hear about: girl,pin up your hair,potong kuku awak and bla bla bla..
And the most most annoying sound: TAN JI RO!
4 years. 4 years all the teachers have been call me like that.
Some of them called me Tan Ji Rao.wth.
Even chinese teachers also.'s's ok.
I accepted it.
When're you going to call me Tan Jie Rou?