Monday, January 25, 2010


This is a great love letter i ever seen!
I swear it's very funny!
I laugh like crazy when read it. XD

Dear wang litte sister: 親愛的王小姐

From see you one eye, I shit love you. 自從看到你的第一眼 , 我便愛上你。

Your eyes close, I die; your eyes open, I come back to live.

Your eyes close and open again and again,I die again and again.

妳的眼睛閉上,我就死了,你的眼睛打開,我又活過來,妳的眼睛貶啊貶 , 我就死去活來 ?

Maybe you do not remember me, no matter.

When you carefully look at me, you will one see clock.

也許你不記得我 , 沒有關係 , 當你仔細看著我,你就會一見鍾情

I think l should introduce myself to you.


I call Li big great. Toyear 25

我叫李大偉 , 今年 25 ( 今天是 today, 那麼今年就是 toyear. 至於偉就翻成 great 吧! )

My home have four mouth people-papa, mama, I and DD.

我家有四口人 .. 爸爸、媽媽、我和弟弟。

I am a good man, in a big company work.


I do early [词语过滤-#1] every day, so that I can have strong body to protect you..


Please come to eat and sleep with me, or I will cut my hair to be a monk,

and find a place where many monks live in to over my life;

請嫁給我吧 , 否則我將削髮為僧 , 找個廟來了此一生。

( 實在想不起「嫁」字怎麼翻譯,好在頭腦靈光 , 嫁過來不就是和我吃住在一起。至於「廟」字 , 也不會翻譯,不過很多和尚住在一起的地方,就是廟。 )

Like Your people


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