Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please respect every person

I do not understand. Is it hard for you to respect others? Perhaps you do not have any morality or it is your characteristic. But I don't wish to know about it. By the way, that's your problem not my problem right? The problem is you have been offended others. You did let a lot of people felt so angry for you. Is it good for you? Do you know that you did hurt many people? NO! You NEVER know for it.

The reasons that I wish to write were not against you or pointing my finger on your face. I just want to express my frustration . As a people,definitely I got feelings right? Being humiliate by others, of course I felt sad. I have been humiliating in front of many people. I felt so shame. I don't even dare to look up. I don't dare to face others. I scared they would despise me or laugh me. My tears nearly to flow out. I tried to control it because I don't want let you look down on me. Even though I'm younger than you , but I also need respect because I'm human. I deserve to get respect from every person. I deserve to GET IT. We deserve to GET IT too.I couldn't figure out why you did so. Maybe you're in a bad mood or maybe you're suffer from menopause. But it's just maybe. May I ask you,what was the reasons to make you so extreme to do everything? Do you know that re-do have to take a lot of time?

Yup.I really did feel frustrated. Yup. I really don't like you. But I do try to like you and it's absolutely hard for me and us. What have you done then what should you to deserve. So obviously this is the result - Everyone thinks that you very emotional and lot bad comments. Why? Why did you change so much?

Human should get respect from others. No matter you're baby,child,teenagers,adults or old folks. As long as you're human,you deserve to get respect.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Hairstyle ❤

Goodbye long hair~ Yeah~ I have been changed my hairstyle !It's nice and suitable for me. I think medium hair length is more suitable for me.  It's make my face look fresher than before. Long hair makes my face looks like tired. Seriously, I am satisfied with my hair now. When I am thinking about it, it is a good feeling in my heart. And, I always look at the mirror with a contented face =.= See, I it so much! My hair is lighter now and easily to dry up. Besides that, I could curl it to inside so it's looking like mushroom head! I'm extremely love mushroom head. It's cute ad nice. I want my son has a mushroom head in the future XD Trust me,little boy will look nice if he has a cute mushroom head. Of course,husband is man and man will look weird with having mushroom head. By the way, I feel like want to cut my hair again and make it shorter :)

Nah, this is my ideal hairstyle 

Saturday, June 26, 2010


He is handsome right? I admire him so much! He is an Argentinian.
I'm falling in  ♥ with him! I couldn't get him out of my mind. My browser's layout is all about his photo! ( But my computer's background is C.Ronaldo with Kaka == ) My Facebook's profile picture is also Lionel Messi! Ah! I'm so crazy for him.He is awesome!!!

Support Argentina and no. 10!  But please do not love him! He is mine!

They Deserve To Die

Yup.Obviously I'm angry of something now.

They are not human at all.They are animal.But the animal is kinder than them many more.Especially XXX,he is a real money face.He deserves to the hell.Heaven will not welcome him.Angel will not sing for him.Nobody will pray for him.Never.He deserves it.Cold blooded insect.F**K YOU!

I really hate you very much.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


It' extremely shock now.Right now.The truth has not sunk in.It's just too sudden.There was a very happy family.Just few minutes,the death god snatched the happy from them.Why?They were good person,ain't it? It's not the time yet!

She had been taught me English since I was primary six.Five years,is it short or long? Trial examination is nearing the corner. My English's standard still hasn't reach level 'A'. Okay. my English is definitely bad. You know I know.

Last Monday,she was lively.She is a lively and responsible teacher.And the notes she given,you never able to find at the book's store.Serious.It's very unfair.

Teacher,Jemima and youngest brother,be strong and brave!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I always wondered who would cry if I died.Yup.I'm extremely emo right now.I feel so dissapointed now.Nobody would understand.Perhaps they think I'm being idiot again.Nope.I'm normal.Just emo-ing now.My eyes was telling me that it's useless and worthless thing.Why? I don't want let the thing be going like that.I hate it okay.You have been said you appreciate. Do you? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Maybe maybe.

I'm just a rubbish for you now.A worthless person in your life.An unfamiliar pedestrian. Don't think that you're the one who should be pity by others. No. You are much better than many people. I mean at least you're never be a rubbish in others' eyes. Perhaps I never being a rubbish inside your heart. But I'm a worthless person for you, ain't it? I'm so frustrated what you've done. Don't be a robot which just follow my instruction. Please. I knew you were tired. Me too okay?

Remember.You do have the qualifications to do every human being's things. But you are human too.Please think before you take the action. YOU - ARE - MUCH- BETTER- THAN- OTHERS.
(Including me.)

Friday, June 4, 2010


Today,4.6.2010. I will never forget.
I hate today so much.
I was extremely unlucky.*sigh*

Please give me a second chance.
I swear I will be a good girl.
I will do it as I promised.
Believe me.Serious.
This is the last year at secondary school.
I will appreciate every single thing.

And,I'm sorry,my friend.
You know.Today,I was extremely sad.
So I just followed her.
And TOTALLY forgot to inform you.
I'm really so sorry.
I felt so guilty and don't how to face you.

                      I'M SORRY =(