Saturday, May 29, 2010

Long time no see =)

Hey,guys.It's truly been a LONG LONG time since I posted something on the blog.Sorry,bloggie.I have been busy with Facebook.Moreover,I have nothing to say.==

Well,in the meantime,I'm enjoying of facebooking and web-browsing even though it is mid-year examination now.This afternoon,I found a lot of mini doll house's picture.Yup.I'm going to do something to somebody.Hiak hiak hiak.At the same time,I had a strong desire to update my rusty bloggie.== Hence,I changed the new header and description =) This header is edited by me ^^ But the picture of course search via internet :D

I'm thinking for write something on the blog.I'm trying to think but my mind is totally blank ==

During these exam weeks,I'm extremely addicted to Nescafe.I need it everyday =) I tried to pull up myself from it but obviously I did failed.It makes me so crazy.Roti Canai,I'm so sorry.I love Nescafe more than you =(

Okay okay.Enough with it.

I'm very sad now =(