Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I loathe you this bitch..
You go to hell..
You're disgusting microorganisms..
You're sooo U-G-L-Y & D-I-R-T-Y..
I really loathe you very much..
You're not qualified to be a human..
Bacteria is better than you..
I don't wish to see you..
So,please go to hell..

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I love those pic very much!!>.<

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What the weird and fantastic dream

I cannt believe it!!!
Last night i was having two nightmare..sweat...
Firstly,i dreamt about i sit his car and sit beside him..
He's fetching me go melaka at midnight...walao eh...
funny bitch and her also..
i still asking him can fetch me go home or not..
it's so unbelieveable..
a damn weird dream..=.=
Secondly,another weird dream is she bacome the MISS UNIVERSE..
she get first..
i get second..
she become very sombong..
and i see her mother in the dream also..
her mother looks so happy..
and i lose for her..T.T
an unfair competition...
she changed her name also..
and that name which is my dislike name..
What's happened now?
Is it playing me?
It's cold sweat on my forehead..
ok..finally i woke up..
luckily these was just dream and not in reality life..
what the weird and fantastic dream...=.=

to somebody

Hey,seriously,we're still good friend?
no,i'm not sure for it..
why you want to do so many sucks things?
if not,we wont ignore you..
we will still talking with you..
we will still being a good friend and always beside you..
but i really dont know why is the reason make you became like this..
why?why you wanted us to give a chance to that funny bitch?
dont you really donno we dislike her very very much?
ok la..tis matter just forget it..
then what's about the surface good friend and in the end you choose to believe what she say ?
we should trust which one you say?
you make us confusing..
that day we asked you out..
we want the truth..
we dont want our misunderstanding become bigger and bigger..
but you seem dont want tell us..
we saw you look bloodless everyday..
so we decided to call you out and make everything clear..
but useless..
you said the watch that you wore to tuition is ser lee one..
after that you say maybe is doreen one..
hey,what do you mean by that?
you told doreen you want to advertise it..
nobody buy from you..
so just give it for her?
why the things that you told us always not same?
you're making us dissapointed for you..

So,do you thinking that u're faultless and innocent?