Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I extremely love this picture so much! Imma repeat and repeat to look at this picture

Every guy looked smart + cool + handsome. Usually they look so normal but suddenly all of them turn over a new person! Wow. It's really amazing. They should wear suits everyday.  Some of them looked like body guard. == But quite handsome also. Although the introduction of outgoing B.O.D was not very nice, but who cares? The guys were so handsome that day! I could hear a lot of ' Wah' from many places. See, they were really looked nice in suits. Good job,everyone =)

Honey, you looked awesome that day =)

Shawty Bom Bom ❤

Hey,babes, I really had a lot of fun ! Thanks for giving me such a wonderful and fantastic memory! But, I still want to complaint! Coz I didn't go to this restaurant!

I want to go!!!

         You ! I want to be your friend forever !

Friday, July 16, 2010


Congratulations! I'm safe from PLKN! You know I'm extremely excited and happy right now! I can enjoy my holiday after SPM! WooHOO~ Nice right? I think the words could not express my feelings. It's just like get the World Cup! Like I'm the one who help Malaysia get the champion! ( Of course I know that is definitely impossible)

But I still feel lil bit sad =( Coz my bf and gfs kena. Willie and Doreen have to go for one week. Shea Dee is most excited person when she received the message. She is the first and the only person who utterly happy when she saw : " Tahniah xxxxxx terpilih blah blah blah." She's just hold her phone and say yes yes yes at the tuition== weird. She still asking congratulations from others. Never mind. I will miss her a lot XD I hope ArtisteGaara Cher kena also. If she kena,I truly believe that she will say a lot of ' SHIT' at there. Besides that, my friends who did not safe from it are definitely sad.

I do not dare to sms to the PLKN coz I really scared to receive the Tahniah message. After that,Shea Dee helped me sent to them. Once her phone vibrate, I was so nervous ! I was so panic during the moment of waiting the message. My hands were getting colder and colder. But it's over~ It's just scary for me. == I used Willie's phone sent again. Coz he said that all of his friend escaped from PLKN coz using his phone sent to them. So I just tried lar. How come it can be magical! I also safe from PLKN too! Fantastic !

Now, I just want to tell the whole world:

          I AM SAFE FROM PLKN!