Saturday, September 26, 2009

What the weird and fantastic dream

I cannt believe it!!!
Last night i was having two nightmare..sweat...
Firstly,i dreamt about i sit his car and sit beside him..
He's fetching me go melaka at midnight...walao eh...
funny bitch and her also..
i still asking him can fetch me go home or not..
it's so unbelieveable..
a damn weird dream..=.=
Secondly,another weird dream is she bacome the MISS UNIVERSE..
she get first..
i get second..
she become very sombong..
and i see her mother in the dream also..
her mother looks so happy..
and i lose for her..T.T
an unfair competition...
she changed her name also..
and that name which is my dislike name..
What's happened now?
Is it playing me?
It's cold sweat on my forehead..
ok..finally i woke up..
luckily these was just dream and not in reality life..
what the weird and fantastic dream...=.=

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