Saturday, June 5, 2010


I always wondered who would cry if I died.Yup.I'm extremely emo right now.I feel so dissapointed now.Nobody would understand.Perhaps they think I'm being idiot again.Nope.I'm normal.Just emo-ing now.My eyes was telling me that it's useless and worthless thing.Why? I don't want let the thing be going like that.I hate it okay.You have been said you appreciate. Do you? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Maybe maybe.

I'm just a rubbish for you now.A worthless person in your life.An unfamiliar pedestrian. Don't think that you're the one who should be pity by others. No. You are much better than many people. I mean at least you're never be a rubbish in others' eyes. Perhaps I never being a rubbish inside your heart. But I'm a worthless person for you, ain't it? I'm so frustrated what you've done. Don't be a robot which just follow my instruction. Please. I knew you were tired. Me too okay?

Remember.You do have the qualifications to do every human being's things. But you are human too.Please think before you take the action. YOU - ARE - MUCH- BETTER- THAN- OTHERS.
(Including me.)

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