Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Hairstyle ❤

Goodbye long hair~ Yeah~ I have been changed my hairstyle !It's nice and suitable for me. I think medium hair length is more suitable for me.  It's make my face look fresher than before. Long hair makes my face looks like tired. Seriously, I am satisfied with my hair now. When I am thinking about it, it is a good feeling in my heart. And, I always look at the mirror with a contented face =.= See, I it so much! My hair is lighter now and easily to dry up. Besides that, I could curl it to inside so it's looking like mushroom head! I'm extremely love mushroom head. It's cute ad nice. I want my son has a mushroom head in the future XD Trust me,little boy will look nice if he has a cute mushroom head. Of course,husband is man and man will look weird with having mushroom head. By the way, I feel like want to cut my hair again and make it shorter :)

Nah, this is my ideal hairstyle 

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