Sunday, January 3, 2010


Tomorrow is the day of open school.
I've to wake up early morning everyday.T___T
So tired man.
I'm going to change uniform.hohoho~
It's only for librarian.
And this new uniform same like the uniform of SJK(C) Chung Hwa Presbyterian.
But it's only for prefect.
And the most annoying thing is:we've to change school shoes.
I do not want!
This is because of my old school shoes have been accompanying me for 4 years.
I had never change it.
I do not want to wear black shoes.T___T
But,I want to wear new uniform!

Start from tomorrow,I'm a Form 5 student.
Start from tomorrow,I will reduce the time of play computer.
Start from tomorrow,I couldn't have long nails again.
Start from tomorrow,I will hear about: girl,pin up your hair,potong kuku awak and bla bla bla..
And the most most annoying sound: TAN JI RO!
4 years. 4 years all the teachers have been call me like that.
Some of them called me Tan Ji Rao.wth.
Even chinese teachers also.'s's ok.
I accepted it.
When're you going to call me Tan Jie Rou?

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