Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh My Goodness

You! The shorty brainless girl!
Are you thinking that you're a baby or a kid?
I'm wondering.Serious.
Hey,come on.You're getting older now.
How come your brain has not any indication of growing?
You are big girl now.
No need any protection from your parents,isn't it?
The protection I meant as in you should be strong when your classmate or colleague have been bullying you.
It's shouldn't let your parents worried about you.
About this.I meant.
Why not asking your boyfriend save you from this nightmare?
Thst's because of both of you are stupid.
I emphasized,I'm not helping of my friend.
I just looking down on your behaviour.
It's such a funny and foolish behaviour I ever seen.
You're 16 years old right?
But,sadly,you only have the intellect of five years old.
You got a short height and..
Well,probably,you think that you're a princess.
But.for us,you're just a nauseating cuttlefish.
You're so scandalous,You schmuck!
And your face always make me feel like want to...

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