Monday, December 7, 2009

Bite me!!!

Last Thursday, I watched the Twilight Saga:New Moon with Mr.Koh at Singapore.
When I stepped into the cinema,I found that it was much more bigger and better than Muar's cinema,seriously.
Singapore is bigger than Muar, isn't it?
Bella Swan,I worry for her.
Can't she just bring home a nice boy? I mean someone human?

But at least the vampire and werewolf are handsome and hot!!!

Edward Cullen,her vanpire lover,leaves the rainy town of Forks.

Bella was so sad and she finds her childhood friend,Jacob Black.
Jacob reveals himself as a werewolf.
After watching New Moon,it made me love Jacob and Edward more than ever!

Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson is hot!!!

But I think Taylor Lautner is hotter!!!
His six packs....Wow! Howl~~~
But,the ending will make you say:'Huh?! The ending is just like this? Haiz.."
YOU will still love this movie,as long as you love the story and characters..
Just like me!!!

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