Monday, February 1, 2010

My best friend in the whole world! :))))


Thank you, my dear ^^
You’re my best friend in the whole world.

Sometimes, I let you feel so angry.
Sometimes, I let you laugh like a siao zha bo.
Sometimes, you don’t wan layan me..T.T (let me talking at there just like a big idiot .HMPH!)
Sometimes, your mood very bad and face busuk busuk.
Sometimes, we sing together.

Everyday, we play like idiot.
Everyday, we hug for everything happened.
Everyday, we sampat like lao zha bo.
Everyday, I copy your homework because I can’t see the blackboard. ( ni shi wo de yan ^^)
Everyday, I draw your textbook.
Everyday, we do many crazy things together.haha..

I felt so touched when I heard you bought me rmXX valentine present.
I felt so touched when you do so many things for me.

You really are my best friend! ^^

Hey! Tell you a secret..
Sometimes, don’t be so xiao qi la.
Miss mango..^^

If you next time angry because I say you look like mango,
Then you can say I look like durian what..

Anyway, thank you and I love you bitch!!!

"A friend is like an oreo,

its not always that great,

but it always gets better!"

~ Erin Westbrook


  1. haha..i come support liao~~miss durian & miss mango~~

  2. haha..ya lo..what a good couple fruits..^^