Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Visiting :)))

Finally,I have the free time to touch my computer.^^
I was busy visiting last two day.
Start from 11.30 a.m and end at 2.00 a.m  =.=

I'm the tallest !
(Took at xue man's house)

Ah Lock's house ^^
I like that ceiling lamp very much!

Next stop: En zuo's house

I love Cadbury!

Show girl...

I love san jian ke!

The busybody girl

Three fattie

Shea dee,am I clever? :)

I was looked so plump T.T

What did Doreen doing? =.=
I forced one of them took this photo ^^ V

The last stop: Zoe's house

Zoe's hair always neat even she's at her house
Good student

Mahjong's time~

Zoe is my pro mahjong teacher

Haha XD

I forced Doreen took for me~

See. You don't trust me.