Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy 1st anniversary =)

1.3 is the one of the most significant day for me in my life.
This is because 1.3 was the day I fell into love.
And,the person is Mr.Koh ^^ V
Haha.I never thought that my first spring is Mr.Koh.

Okay,it's really amazing.
I admit,I hate Mr.Koh as much as I hate the frog =.=
It was happened when  I was form 3.
Our gang included Jie Rou, Doreen,Shea Dee,En Zuo, Siew Ting(extremely hate him) were the members of "Anti Willie Koh club 2008"' =.=
After one year ,the cupid was playing me.
Because  I was the president of "Anti Willie Koh Club 2008"
It let me changed all the feelings toward Mr.Koh.
From loathe to love......
Now I'm thinking back of it.
I laugh for my childish.
At first,we still very cold and less communicate with each other.
I know that time you love me not as much as I love you. I can felt it.
I still remember Doreen did not want to listen anything about us that time.
And,the thing I have to tell you is..
I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
Honey,still remember the day of we first time dating?
We were so shy.

I very shy to give you my right hand.=.=
Now,......Haha..You know I know la.
And,your birthday is more important than my life.
Because that is the day you came to the world.
So,your birthday is extremely important for me.
Honey,I very touched you came to Singapore to find me.

Honey,one year lo.
We are having so many special memory.
Honey,I really love you very very much..
I can't live without you.
You're water and I'm flower.
How could be happen if flower without water?

Honey,one year lo.
We must hold each other hand and walk through all of the difficulties o.

There is a very long journey for us.

Honey,don't feel bad about I together with but you got sickness.
It really doesn't mind.
Don't say you pull me along to the sea.
Honey,we're in the boat now.

I swear I will accompany you.
When you happy or sad.
Never leave you away.
My heart belong to Willie Koh
I may not saying this everyday to you
But I want to THANK YOU for all that you do!
You're my sunshine in my life.

I love you baby~
I'll never give up you!

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  1. i come support so jiang yi qi..
    wish u 2 can sweet sweet always~~n cn facing all d blocking together~~