Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Babe!

Yo! Babe!Surprise right? Today you are our boss XD But it seems like you are boss everyday.Haha.
                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
Hey,skinny chick! Rock 17!
Today is your birthday! Let's rock and roll tonight!
I really love you very much!
Happy 10th anniversary!
Thank you for always accompany me <3
I still want to celebrate 20,30,40th anniversary!
Anyway,you know you love me =)

1 comment:

  1. yo....babe
    okay time i just keep quiet lo
    you say yes jiu yes, no jiu no...big BOSS!!!
    okay..lets rock tonite!!!!!!!!! ( if i didnt go back malacca )
    no problem...sure got chance to celebrate 20,30 till 100 de..LMAO
    LOVE YOU too!!!!! ♥