Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy =)

Wow,wow,wow,wow,wow,wow,wow.This is only the most suitable word to describe my mood right now.Ya.Goodbye for those bloody paper~The death of the examination is nearing the corner.Whoohoo~Chemistry and additional mathematics were freaking difficult.But for those clever students,those science subjects are not a big deal for them.Macam kacang putih saja.Well,what I only can say is I have not do any preparation for my SPM.I felt so shameful and sinful during the exam weeks.I've been console myself that the examination is still far.It's a big and harmful lie.I want to slap myself and tell myself that must study.But,I have a lazy spirit in my body and hard to get rid of it.

Just left few months,I will say goodbye and wave my hand to the school uniform,canteen food,classmates,teachers and the rules of school.So,study hard and pay attention when the teacher is teaching.(I swear I won't do it.I mean pay attention during the class XP)

Well,enough for that.I'm looking forward to my short holiday.I could see the bbq and steamboat are getting nearer!I can't wait anymore! My mouth is can't wait to eat you and my intestine is can't wait to digest you!

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