Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lost and Found

I'm nothing special.I'm just a common girl with common mind.

I've done something wrong.A very huge mistake.That is over self-confidence. I always do something which will let me feel extremely regret after doing it. This is  my weakness. And my stupidity is going to ruin my relationship. Stupidity continues to ruin my life. It has been one year and half. For me,too short, it's not enough. I want it counts in decade. But now, it is going to crash by my stupidity. I don't want to give up the precious thing. Precious thing should not be the history. It must be the present and not the past.

Frankly,I tried to cover. But in the end,this hole is getting bigger and bigger. I tried to sew it. I tried to save it. I tried and tried. Moreover,I always trust myself a lot that I have the ability to save it. Well,I'm wrong. Very wrong.

I'm total bitch now. As he said.

I never wanted to do cheating thing. NEVER! He lost the confident towards me. He dissapoitned with me. Maybe he is no longer to trust me anymore. I'm failure. I lose. I lose to my self-confidence. I'm upset that from now on he can't believe me. He doesn't want to know about my thing. This freedom I don't want. It's totally scary.

I don't want to say farewell. It's too early for me. But I made it earlier. I do sin but I'm not bitch.

Broken heart. It means that we have to try or do for something.

I will fight and strike for it. I will do anything to let him smile to me again.

I believe in miracles.

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